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Bertie is a 13.2hh Connemara Gelding who is 12 years old. Before he came to live at Skye Trekking Centre he was a show pony in Ireland. Over the last few years he has participated in a few local shows, nothing makes him happier than bringing home a few rosettes to prove how handsome he is! He is one of the Pony Club favourites and has taught many children on the island how to ride. Bertie is a very friendly cheeky little chap who likes nothing more than a good cuddle and plenty of treats! He takes all riders from beginners to experienced.





Brittney is a 12.3hh Welsh X and is 17 years old. She is the yards very own little fire cracker full of character and considers herself very much a 'lady!' although she likes nothing more than to camouflage herself from head to toe in mud! At the front of the ride is her favourite spot where she can keep an eye on the rest of the horses. She also loves challenging her older pilots in the riding arena, making sure they know how to use there brakes correctly! When not ridden, Brittney can be found happily munching in the field with her best friend Bazil. She takes mainly beginners. 


Bazil is the smallest member of the yard. He is a miniature Shetland and has resided at the stables for 6 years. He is approximately 16 years old. Bazil loves each and every horse on the yard, especially Brittney, his best friend of all! Don’t be fooled by his height – he is full of mischief and oh so very cute! He is known to bring himself in from the field in the morning if his stomach cannot wait an extra 5 minutes for feeding, but never ventures from the front gate – he likes his home comforts! Bazil takes small children, mainly beginners.





Clint is a 13 year old Andalusian X. Once upon a time Clint was very timid and could barely be touched. He was not originally on the list of horses to be bought but after meeting him and seeing how frightened he was, we decided to buy him to give him a happier life! After a year of work, mainly from the ground, the transformation was amazing! He now happily carries his riders out for hacks and enjoys the odd jumping session in the school. He is known to nibble fingers, and likes to let everyone know when it's lunchtime by stamping his feet! He takes all ages of rider but particularly enjoys nannying young children.






Christie is one of the oldest remaining working horses at the grand old age of 20 (although you wouldn’t know it!) He is a favourite to use for lessons as he listens to voice commands from the instructors! He is famous on the island having taught countless people of all ages to ride over the course of the last 12 years! In the summer months he can sometimes look a little bit odd, dressed head to toe in his fly rug and mask due to his horrible allergy to midgies! His nickname Christopher Robin, is due to him having a Robin print right in the middle of his brows! He's a very friendly boy who enjoys his food very much. Christie takes all levels of riders and both adults and children.







Hamish is a 8 year old Eriskay Pony. He may be small but has plenty of character! Hamish is known to think of himself as more of a human than horse at times, often helping to carry bags by the teeth during Ragwork picking sessions! One of his party tricks is playing chases with himself and large branches which are usually stuck to the end of his tail! He is a pony that never fails to make you laugh! Hamish takes children of all abilities.




Selkie is a Highland X Eriskay pony, around 14 years old. She can often be found hanging around with her boyfriend Hamish, but is also known to dump him on occasion for bigger boys and girls! She is a very sweet but stubborn girl and enjoys hacks out – school work requires far too much effort from her! Selkie takes small adults and children of all ages and abilities.




Sam is a pure bred Highland Pony, 5 years old and stands at 13.3hh. Like most Highlands, Sam likes a good feast and often catches his riders out for a cheeky nibble of the grass on rides! His best buddies are Speckles, Taz, Jamie and Toby however being the friendly boy that he is, he does enjoy mingling with the whole herd! Sam takes all levels and ages of riders.
Speckles' breeding is unknown however he is rather handsome! When he arrived with us, he was quite a nervous boy however thanks to his gentle handlers and many horsey friends, he has truly come out of his shell and now enjoys lots of pampering and attention. Unfortunately Speckles is not much of a gentleman and often tries to eat his fellow stablemate Morag, during the winter months, purely due to the fact she gets far more food than he does! Speckles caters for small children of all abilities.


Skye is a Irish Draught X mare standing at 16.2hh. She is approximately 18 years old. Skye has been with us now for many years. Over the course of her time with us, she has had her pick of the boys but always chooses to come back to her loyal companion, Oden. Although rather big in size, she is a gentle giant and takes all levels of rider! She prefers to be nearer the front of the ride where she can keep a good eye on the rest of her friends behind her. Skye is the lady in charge of the yard, and likes to keep all the other horses in check! Due to her height, Skye tends to only take adults.


Katie is a 12 year old Connemara X mare, standing at 16hh. During her younger years, she was known for being the dope of the yard! She had an extended holiday of 2 years due to a leg injury, however after plenty of rest (and food!!) she came back into work and has been perfect since (apart from mastering the art of shoe pulling!) Katie is a very sweet girl and enjoys paying particular attention to her handlers when being groomed, tugging at jumpers and searching pockets for sweeties – something she has learned off her naughty boyfriend Monty! She also likes to smell her riders feet and on occasion, does try a little nibble of there boots! Katie is a big softy who takes all levels of rider, both adult and children.


Kistra is a Hafflinger mare, standing at 14.3 hh. She is approximately 14 years old. She is a very beautiful girl and exceptionally laid back! Being a typical girl, she loves a good pamper session (especially if it involves large amounts of haylage!) She enjoys nice quiet rides out and when in the mood, likes a good yee-ha around the outdoor school. She is currently part of a threesome of naughty ponies who has mastered the art of escaping and shall try her luck at climbing out any field unless electric fencing is in place! When stabled, she likes to make her presence known and can often be heard kicking her stable door to let everyone know she is short of hay! Kistra takes all levels of rider and both adults and children.


Morag is a Welsh X Highland pony, 13.3hh and 17 years old. She came to us on livery in 2008 and like most ponies than cross our threshold, she never left again! Morag was known to be a bit of a loner before coming to the stables, and did not seem to find any horsey friends however on her arrival she instantly struck up a friendship with her now boyfriend Larry, and the pair have been inseparable since.
Like the vast majority of our horses, Morag is rather greedy! She is known to hold up rides with her head buried deep in the grass if her riders are not quick enough to stop her! She is a very kind pony who is never in danger of running away with her rider (that would require too much energy for her!) Morag takes both adults and children of all abilities.


Toby is a Welsh D X, approximately 14 years old and stands at 13.3hh. Toby came to us in 2010 with behavioural problems due to poor handling. He was a very frightened pony who enjoyed being handled on the ground but was terrified of riders on his back. After much work, he learned to accept his rider and has become a lot more confident in himself. When not being ridden, he likes to lounge around in the fields eating grass all day with his retired best friend, Jamie. Toby is one of the three houdinis and has been found many a time walking fences into the ground so he can take himself on a little adventure onto greener grass! Toby is a very loving boy and will stand for hours to be groomed. He takes all levels of rider.




Tarynn is a Eriskay pony standing at 13.1hh and approximately 14 years old. He arrived on the yard a few years ago with his best friend Speckles and the pair have been unseperable since. Tarynn is a very laid back pony with a very stubborn streak when he feels like it, although can move when the mood strikes! He is a very happy boy whos idea of fun is standing in his stable scoffing hay, watching the world go by around him! He prefers rides out to working in the school, and unlike Brittney who tests brakes, Tarynn likes to test peoples abilities to use the accelerator! Hes a very chilled out dude who is happy plodding through life at his own pace. As long as he has his buddies around him and grass in his belly, he doesn’t really care for much else apart from cuddles! Tarynn is suitable for children of all ages and abilities.




Retired Oldies



Oden is a 25 year old Thoroughbred Gelding. He came to the stables in 2008 as part of the original 8 horses however Oden did not come to work – he came here to retire! He originally came from Ireland many years ago and was very successful in his younger years in Showing and Dressage. Now due to his twilight years, poor feet and leg problems, he has spent the vast majority of his time chilling out in the fields but on occasion did enjoy the odd hack and still does enjoy his meditation sessions. He was very skittish prior to his arrival on Skye but once settled turned into the plod of the yard! Oden is in charge of all the other horses apart from Larry but is a very gentle boss, letting Larry take care of the discipline side of things. He loves a good groom and hates being seperated from his girlfriend Skye. A lovely gentle well mannered boy – Oden is a true gentleman.







Jamie is a Pure Highland Pony, standing at 13.3hh and is approximately 20 years old. As Jamie has spent the vast majority of his life as a Trekking Pony we felt he was starting to lose interest in his job and was retired in 2012. He does enjoy the occasional hack out and now instead of taking up the rear of the ride, he insists on marching ahead of his junior horsey friends! Jamie can be a little cheeky and has been known to have his handlers skiing across the yard as he chases after a single strand of stray hay! He is a very strong old man and when the feeling strikes, he likes to remind his handlers of this!
Despite his cheeky nature, he can be exceptionally gentle. He particularly enjoys meditation sessions and is one of our favourites to meditate with. He can often be found sporting a very yellow looking nose as he hates to leave a single speck of his turmeric uneaten in his dinner! When out in the field, Jamie can be found grazing peacefully with his best buddy Toby.






Larry is a Thoroughbred X standing at 16.2hh and is 12 years old. We are unsure of Larrys past before he came to the stables in 2008 however have reason to believe he came across from Ireland as a potential racer. As a young man, he was a bit excitable and due to a couple of jolly spells with his pilots, we decided he would take on the role of Lead horse on treks. Although 'retired', Larry only participates in the odd hack these days due to leg problems, much to his annoyance! He is taking a rest for the 2015 season and shall hopefully be back in light work 2016.
Larry has become a lot more placid as hes gotten older and is more of a pussy cat than a race horse these days! He enjoys lots of attention and is another fan of the yellow nose look!





Billy is an American Standardbred and is 24 years old. He retired 5 years ago from trekking due to an old racing injury however he does still have a job on the yard – meditation! His only draw back is distracting the group with his snoring! He is the Vice President of the yards Gentlemans club and enjoys his weekly walks out for a good munch of the grass and a change of scenery!






Fergus is a Highland X Clydesdale and is approximately 22 years old. Fergus has been at the stables since 2008 and in his younger years was one of our main trekking horses. Although large in size, he is a gentle giant (unless there is food in sight, then he may try and run you over to get to it!) and took great care of his riders, although he did like to toughen up the old arm muscles when speed walking his riders into bankings for a feast! These days, Fergus prefers the quiet life. He enjoys a good groom, especially in spring to remove the masses of coat he collects over the winter. If you bring him any treats he will be your friend for life!


Monty is a 20 year old Hanovarian X, standing at 16.3hh. He belongs to Stefanie, and has been in her care mostly since he was just a baby at the showing yard she use to work at. On leaving her job, she was given Monty as a gift, most probably due to the fact he liked to attack most other people but had a certain love for Stefi! In his younger years he was an avid show horse, traveling all around the UK to compete at top levels, and was crowned champion at Dublin Horse Show as well as competing at HOYS over many years. His favourite party trick is standing on his hind legs when he gets a bit excited, however in his golden years he has calmed down substantially and since arriving on Skye, has turned into a bit of a pussy cat – although do not be fooled, he will still attempt to remove skin if he's not in a good mood! Monty found love at the stables and hates to be separated from Katie, although he will happily stand with his best chum Oden while both there lady friends are out on rides.




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