Q. Can my child ride with me on the horse?

A. Each rider is assigned a horse each. We are not insured to have more than one rider on a horse at any one time, and it is not safe to do this either. All beginners are given the option to have someone walk near them to offer help from the ground, and all small children will be on lead rein unless they can ride.

Q. Why do I have to arrive at the yard 15 minutes before my trek begins?

A. You must arrive approximately 15 minutes before your trek to allow enough time to fill in the relevant paperwork for insurance purpose and be fitted with hats

Q. Can I bring my dog out with the trek?

A. When at the stables, please ask a member of staff if you can let your dog out the car before doing so, as we have our own dogs running around, as well as chickens! Unfortunately dogs are not allowed to accompany the treks unless from a distance as some of the horses are not dog friendly!

Q. What happens if I book in at 10stone but I am actually 12 stone when weighed in

A. In some cases this may not affect the horse you are assigned when booking in if they can carry upto 12 stone however if you have been reserved a horse that can carry 10 stone maximum there is a good chance we will not have a horse spare to swap with as we have limited horses for 11 stone and over so please be accurate with your weight, baring in mind this is fully clothed with outdoor clothing. In the event that we do not have a spare horse you shall still be charged for the horse that has been reserved for you. 

Q. Why is your weight limit only 13 stone??

A. Our weight limit is based upon what types of horses we have at the stables and all riders are weighed on arrival to ensure weights are correct. Due to the heavy work the horses are in during the summer months, we have very strict weight limits on each individual horse. This is for their welfare.

Q.I am experienced. Can I tack up my own horse?

A. Unfortunately this is not possible partly for insurance purposes and also for the welfare of the horse. For our own horses comfort our staff attend to all the yard duties.

Q. I have done a lot of riding in the past. Is it possible for me to go on an experienced ride?

A. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will be on a ride with experienced riders only. Most of our rides are of mixed ability and always go at the pace of the least experienced rider. In general, all rides will be at a walking pace due to the terrain we are trekking over.

Q. What kind of landscape will we be riding over?

A. At present we have 3 different routes, 2 of which are hill/moor rides- the ‘sheep fanks’ and the ‘hill ride’. We have the ‘old road’ trek which we tend to use more in wet conditions, as the hill rides can get quite slippery and boggy. What route will be used is usually decided on the morning of the trek, but we use the hill rides mostly when weather permits.

Q. What equipment do you provide?

A. Unfortunately the stables do not provide footwear/jackets etc. We do provide hard hats that are up to the current safety standards.

Q. What kind of footwear/clothing is suitable for riding?

A. Footwear worn should have a slight heel to prevent your foot from sliding right through the stirrups. Flip flops, high heels, ugg boots, sandals etc. are not safe and therefore cannot be worn to go out riding. If you do not have riding boots, walking boots are perfect, and ‘wellies’ are also recommended. Trainers can also be worn. We tend to encourage people to bring waterproofs with them - we are on Skye of course! Jackets must be zipped up when riding to avoid them flapping about. In the wetter weather it is also handy to come prepared with gloves as your hands can get very cold when riding in the rain!

Q. Do we ride out in all types of weather?

A. Treks will go out in all types of weather, providing it is safe to do so. If the weather is bad e.g.high winds or driving rain, we advise you to telephone the stables to check trekking is still going ahead. If treks are cancelled that day due to the weather, we will book you in on the next available ride.


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